Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun NJ



Group Classes

Group Classes for teens and adults provide a safe and controlled environment in which students of any gender, age, or body type will receive top-quality instruction of Practical Wing Chun principles, techniques, and philosophies. Acrobatic maneuvers and brute force are not the goal in these classes; Practical Wing Chun techniques are based on logical research of body mechanics. Rather than fighting an opponent’s force with our own, students learn to use their opponent’s force against them through relaxation and body structure in order to remove themselves from dangerous situations. Classes are structured carefully to provide each student with a strong understanding of the material and tangible progress at any skill level.

Group classes are currently offered on Mondays, from 7:45pm to 9:15pm.



Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great opportunity for students to receive dedicated and personalized instruction. Whether you wish to supplement your training or simply prefer to train in a more private setting, private lessons will provide you with a more profound understanding of Practical Wing Chun principles through instruction personally tailored to your learning style.

Private lessons may be scheduled individually on request and take place outside of the regular group class schedule.